Creating Community Impact assists employers to:

Improve skilled worker job satisfaction.
Reassign routine tasks from highly-paid workers.
Hire employees willing to work from two hours per week to full time.
Train and support these employees at no additional cost.
Obtain tax credits for employing disabled workers.
Provide a service to your community.

By looking at the employers needs creatively, great things can happen. You will have an employee who is thrilled to come to work every day, feels accomplished and takes pride in their work. As an employer who hires individuals with disabilities you will gain a sense of stewardship toward the community you work and live in. Additionally you will find your workforce is more diversified, proud of themselves and the business they work for.

Through a process called "Job Carving", Creating Community Impact customizes a new job position for a person with disabilities to perform tasks currently done by a higher-paid skilled worker trained in your business. Removing routine tasks from skilled workers allows them to focus more on what only they can do and enables them to work more effectively. Removing tedious activities from skilled employees improves their job satisfaction and contributes to employee retention. As a byproduct your business no longer pays top dollar for routine tasks.

Some tasks do not require a full time person. Our clients are more flexible than most employees since work is not only about income to them; they also benefit from community inclusion, self-esteem and feeling useful.

The services include training and ongoing support provided by Creating Community Impact employee specialists at no cost to your business at whatever level and time frame is needed.

Government social programs (for example the Work Opportunity Tax Credit) encourage and support employment for disabled Americans through tax credits, employee transportation to and from work, and free assistive technology needed by the employee to perform their duties.