"Creating Community Impact offers a variety of classes and trainings."

Whose Future is it Anyway?

This class focuses on responsibility, being a good citizen, self-advocacy, etc. The outcome for the individual is achieving greater independence, and learning how to be yourself in a safe way within the community. The details of this course include various communication styles, active listening, rules/laws, rights and responsibilities, voting, life after high school, as well as understanding the IDEA and ADA law. Additionally, for those participants who are interested, they will be assisted to go farther with their advocacy by learning how to participate in local and statewide groups, doing web research on “Hot Topics” of importance to them and the community regarding advocacy. Other activities may include going to the Courthouse, meeting their representative(s), and registering to vote.


Transportation Training

Individuals learn skills on how to be safe in the community (stranger/danger), walking to locations, safe street crossing such as using the crosswalk safely, using public transportation, riding a bike, driving their own car, etc.


This class assists individuals with gaining important personal finance skills for their own personal budget. Topics may include budgeting their money – paycheck and/or SSI; shopping wisely, living on their own – how to pay bills, banking, protecting their money from others.

Relationships/Social Skills

This is an opportunity to learn how to make friendships in a supported environment. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often experience social difficulties, social rejection, and interpersonal relationship problems. This class helps develop the skills to make and maintain friendships.


Participants learn positive and healthy ways to understand their sexuality. This 12-week curriculum also addresses physical development, body image, self-esteem, and social skills. At the end of the session participants are invited to a “mixer” event (open to other like-minded individuals in the community) to celebrate all they have learned and to have the opportunity to meet new people.


Independence at Home and In the Community:

This training/class is designed to develop an individual’s current abilities, as well as to assist in obtaining new skills. Capitalizing on independence and self-esteem through practical lessons based on needs and real life experiences in a real home setting. Instruction will be provided through hands-on learning, role playing, and videos.

Employment Skills

This training/class is designed to assist an individual with gaining the skills he/she needs to obtain integrated employment. Creating Community Impact uses a person-centered approach explicitly designed for adults who want to go to work in the community. Examples of training/class topics include dressing appropriately for an interview, searching for job openings online, managing transportation to and from work, budgeting paychecks, “Top Ten Employee Skills”, etc.

Additional Classes

Art, Cooking/Nutrition, Dance, Gardening, Public Transportation, Reading, and more.